Weight Loss Clinic Denver

“It was definitely easy. I didn’t change my diet that much and I still lost nearly 20 pounds. I even went on vacation several times and still lost weight. It was crazy” Lost 18 pounds! -Linda L.

“I can’t believe how great I feel. I don’t get tired during the day and my energy is just sooo much better.” Lost 11 pounds in just 21 days! -Katie O.

Weight Loss Clinic Denver

Medical Weight Loss With Lasting Results

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss offers a healthy new take on weight loss that builds a personalized strategy for each patient who walks through our doors. Our services provide a healthy and efficient path to your weight loss goals without pills, starving, or other invasive procedures. If you’re ready for a change of pace to your weight loss plan that doesn’t require the pain and stress of fitness fads, call us today to schedule an appointment.

We know each person has a different body and a different life, which is why it’s critical that we work closely with each patient to develop their best, individualized health journey and ultimately achieve their ideal personal results. Rather than offering you a one-size-fits-all program, Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will help you foster productive habits that improve your life quickly and permanently. With the right tools, guidance, and regular communication, we know we’ll help you unlock the body and lifestyle of your dreams.


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Individualized Health & Wellness Plan

We put our patients on the path to better health by utilizing several innovative tools. We’ll help you safely lose one pound per day and show you how to keep the weight off while staying on track to meet your goals. You’ll soon see quick, visible results and start feeling great as you shed weight and reenergize your life.

Dr. Rada’s team will walk you through each step of planning and implementing a whole food eating plan that is designed for your lifestyle. We know each patient is different and requires a different weight loss formula, which is why our clinic creates unique solutions for your particular body and lifestyle.

The staff at our medical clinic in Denver looks at the person as a whole to determine the source of any hidden blocks. We’ll help you craft a solution by focusing on not only weight loss but also detoxification, gut health, ph, and hormone balancing. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss monitors each program with thorough analysis to make adjustments as needed and ensure you’re safely, efficiently and regularly hitting your weight loss targets.

Denver Weight Loss


Many over-the-counter supplements contain ineffective fillers and non-absorbable forms of vitamins or harmful stimulants. Plus, pills and bitter tablets are difficult for your body to breakdown and to get into your tissues no matter what fitness or gym routine you try.

With Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan there aren’t any pills to swallow or tablets to tolerate, we use only pharmaceutical-grade supplements in the form of natural highly absorbable liquids and creams. These help to support your body’s internal weight loss systems so you can feel confident that every drop delivers exactly what it promises.

Healthy Diet

Each person’s dietary needs can vary greatly. In our Fast and Forever Plan, this variation from person to person results in specialized eating programs for each individual patient. Dr. Rada’s program determines healthy food options and recipes that allow you to enjoy the food you eat while improving your body’s overall performance.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss makes sticking to an eating plan simple. Our team takes the time to understand your unique health and lifestyle needs and creates a whole foods eating strategy that makes your weight loss doable and simple.

Body Contouring Denver

Body Contouring Therapy

Contour lights are medical-grade LEDs that can play a significant role in fat loss and skin rejuvenation. This non-surgical and non-invasive procedure gently penetrates into the tissue, melts fat, tightens, and tones the skin. In addition to eliminating fat, this light also increases collagen and elastin in your skin, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the affected area.

During the light contouring process, we place LED pads on your skin over the problem areas for about 25 minutes. Results can sometimes be seen immediately after. When used in tandem with the other phases of Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan, you’ll be able to maintain your skin and body weight results permanently and healthily.


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Let’s begin your journey to better living!

If you are tired of the same old temporary weight loss solutions, diet after diet, hours in the gym, or starvation plans to try to get fit, call us now and ask to schedule your complimentary Quick Start strategy session. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss team will quickly have you on the road to uncovering your best you today.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss is a food-based, custom program that uncovers your body’s hidden blocks to losing weight and meets the quick and convenient weight loss needs with our client’s individualized Fast and Forever Blueprint™. We know our clinic’s methods will give you the fast, visible results you want from your weight loss program. You’ll see results within days that you’ll be able to maintain for a lifetime.

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The Best Weight Loss Program & Fastest Way to Lose Weight in Denver

Healthy weight loss isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to cause pain or stress for your mind and body, either. Get to the root of your weight struggles with Denver’s top rated weight loss doctor – Dr. Rada’s. Do you struggle internally wondering is the best way to lose belly fat? Do you try to stick with weight loss plans and healthy foods to lose weight? After your initial consultation at Dr. Rada’s Denver weight loss clinic, we’ll start you on the path to lose weight quickly. Additionally, we address aspects of your life and health contributing to your weight loss struggles.

With a unique whole food approach and a healthy exercise plan, Dr. Rada will help you restore your energy and allow you to take on each day with more enthusiasm! And best of all, you lose up to one pound of fat per day! Included in your personalized weight loss plan:

  • Gut Health – Good gut health leads to an improved immune system, mental health, energy, and skin condition. Dr. Rada will help you improve your dietary and lifestyle habits to improve your gut health better and enhancing how you feel daily.
  • pH Balance – your pH balance is the level of acids and bases in your blood. The correct ratio of these two factors allows your body to function at its best. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will introduce you to proprietary supplements and habits to maintain a healthy pH balance in your body.
  • Hormone Balance – hormone imbalance can affect multiple aspects of your health, including your mood and your appetite. Using strategies from Dr. Rada’s program will help you better manage your sleep, stress, exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle to better balance your hormones.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss analyzes each patient’s case in detail to build the best program for your weight loss goals. With continual check-ins and coaching, Dr. Rada’s team will continually adjust your plan to make sure you’re losing weight and keeping it off, ultimately hitting your weight loss and life goals. We know you’ll fall in love with our program when you see and feel its fast results. Call today for a free consultation, and we’ll have you on the road to progress in no time.


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