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Weight Loss Clinic Green Mountain Denver COAre you looking for a simple way to lose weight quickly? Maybe you have tried diet after diet, spent hours in a gym, or invested in quick-fix low-calorie eating plans, and even if you lost the weight, you quickly gained it back once you return to your routine. At Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss, we understand how frustrating weight loss can be, and that is why we created our unique weight loss plan that is different from everything you have tried in the past. Our patients lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off, naturally, and fast.

Here’s how we do it. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan looks at the three foundational systems that cause your body to resist losing weight, no matter how much you diet or what fitness routines you try. Once these hidden weight loss blocks are uncovered and fixed, even without exercise, your weight loss can be rapid and easy.

Dr. Rada’s unique plan starts with you. During our proprietary Quick Start strategy session, our weight loss team gathers your full health history, hears your biggest weight loss goals, and helps you uncover the underlying causes of your body’s weight loss resistance. Based on the results of this session, our team puts the wheels in motion to quickly create your customized Fast and Forever Blueprint™ plan and quickly repairs your body’s hidden blocks to weight loss, so that you can lose weight quickly and keep it off too.

Not interested in risky medications or injections? Dr. Rada’s nutritional Weight Loss plan is natural and based on whole foods, as well as healthy dietary supplements that heal your body from the inside out and help you to shed pounds safely. We offer a healthy and speedy path to your most significant weight loss goals without pills, injections, starvation diets, or other invasive procedures.

If you’re ready to lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off, without the pain and stress of fitness fads, hours on a treadmill, or starvation diets, call us now to schedule your complimentary Quick Start strategy session and uncover your best you today.

How To Lose Weight Fast

We create your Fast and Forever Blueprint™ from your quick start strategy session and place you on an accelerated path to better health. We do this by uncovering your body’s hidden barriers to weight loss and recommending solutions to help you safely lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep the weight off, even when you return to your regular routines. You’ll soon see quick, visible results and start feeling great as you shed weight and re-energize your life.

Pharmaceutical -Grade Liquid and Cream Supplements

Have you ever taken over-the-counter supplements and been frustrated that nothing happened? You find yourself wondering why you ever bothered to buy the pills and powders in the first place and think maybe you should have just saved your money and try something else? It’s not your fault. Many over-the-counter supplements contain ineffective fillers and non-absorbable forms of vitamins or harmful stimulants. Plus, pills and bitter tablets are difficult for your body to breakdown and to get into your tissues no matter what fitness or gym routine you try.

With Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan, there aren’t any pills to swallow or tablets to tolerate. We use only pharmaceutical-grade supplements in the form of natural, highly absorbable liquids and creams to support your body’s internal weight loss systems. Doing this allows you to feel confident that every drop delivers what it promises and is effectively absorbed by your body to accelerate your weight loss plan, even without exercise quickly.

Whole Food Eating Plans

We believe eating should be natural, tasty, and fit your busy lifestyle. By using whole foods, Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss eliminates the need for complicated meal preparation and bland packaged processed foods. Our unique approach helps your body naturally reduce inflammation, detoxify tissues, improve gut health and accelerate weight loss, all while restoring your health and giving you more energy and lowering stress.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss makes sticking to an eating plan simple. Our team takes the time to understand your unique health and lifestyle needs and creates a whole foods eating strategy that makes your weight loss doable and simple.

Whether you have a busy home life, enjoy time out with friends, or travel often, Dr. Rada’s plan has solutions to fit your needs.

Light Contouring Therapy

Weight Loss Service Green Mountain Denver COContour Light therapy is a medical-grade device that uses LED light wavelengths to penetrate the tissue gently. Doing this helps to melt fat and tighten and tone the skin, helping our patients accelerate their weight loss goals,  anti-age, rejuvenate, and feel amazing as they lose weight.

Fat Reducing

This non-surgical and non-invasive procedure deflates fat cells by liquifying and releasing fat. There is no pain, no bruising, and no downtime. In a quick 25-minute session with body contouring patients often melt 1-3 inches of fat, while relaxing in our spa-like treatment room, and then quickly get right back to work, family, or your busy lifestyle.


In addition to eliminating fat, contour light therapy also increases collagen and elastin in your skin, which naturally reduces fine lines and wrinkles as it anti ages, tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Often used as an alternative to invasive Botox™ or other facial fillers. Many of our clients use body contouring as a way to tighten and tone skin that becomes loose as they shed unwanted pounds or to work on stubborn areas, such as belly fat or the appearance of cellulite.

The Procedure

Dr. Rada’s team will first create your custom anti-aging and weight loss blueprint so you can be sure you are getting the best and fastest results for your health goals. Then during the light contouring process, we place comfortable LED pads on the affected areas of your skin for just 25 minutes. Followed by a short vibration plate session to help move the released fat through your system and eliminate it from your body without the need for exercise.

The Results

Our clients regularly experience 1-3 inches lost in just their first contour light session. When used in tandem with the other phases of Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan, you’ll be able to maintain your skin and body weight results and rejuvenate naturally with ease.

A Weight Loss Approach to a Better Life

Your benefits don’t end with just weight loss. After your initial meeting and the creation of your Fast and Forever Blueprint™, our team will start you on the path to losing weight quickly and permanently.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will not only help you lose up to one pound of fat per day; often, our patients report less stress, better sleep, more energy, and fewer aches and joint pains. We have had success with clients experiencing fibromyalgia, headaches, high blood pressure, varicose veins and heart issues, and more. When we heal your body from the inside out, amazing things can happen for you fast.

Some of the ways Dr. Rada will address your long-term health in addition to weight loss include:

Gut Health – Good gut health leads to an improved immune system, mental health, energy, and better skin conditions. Dr. Rada will help you improve your dietary and lifestyle habits to improve your gut health to enhance how you feel daily. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan reduces gut irritation and inflammation when you eat, so common foods will not cause stomach upset or belly bloating, and you can heal your gut and feel great eating foods you love.

pH Balance – Blood acidity is one of the most overlooked causes of poor weight loss results and disease. Your pH balance is the level of acids versus bases in your blood. The correct ratio of these two factors allows your body to function at its best. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss program will introduce you to proprietary supplements and habits to maintain a healthy pH balance in your body.

Hormone Balance – Hormone imbalances affect every aspect of your health, including your mood, weight gain, and appetite. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan helps to naturally support your hormones without risky hormone replacement therapy to maximize your weight loss results and transform your body into a fat-burning machine.

After uncovering your body’s hidden blocks to weight loss, Dr. Rada’s team offers continual check-ins and coaching to keep you on track to your weight loss and health goals. We use your ‘Fast and Forever Blueprint™ as your guide and make adjustments, monthly to be sure that you are losing the weight you want to lose. It also aids in tightening and reducing the appearance of cellulite, healing your body naturally and ultimately keeping the weight off, so that Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan becomes not just a diet, but a health transformation.

We know you’ll fall in love with our program when you see its fast results. Are you are tired of the same old temporary weight loss solutions, diet after diet, and hours in the gym or starvation plans to try to get fit? Call us now and ask to schedule your complimentary Quick Start strategy session, and Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss team will quickly have you on the road to uncovering your best you today.