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Natural Weight Loss

Weight Loss Programs GenesseFrom the moment you walk through our doors for your initial consultation, your weight loss transformation begins. Our team starts with your Quick Start strategy session, uncovering your body’s hidden resistance to weight loss. Then based on your goals and health history, Dr. Rada’s team creates your personalized Fast and Forever Blueprint™ that’s tailor-made for rapid weight loss, your body’s unique needs, and your busy lifestyle. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan presents a new and unique approach to weight loss that helps our patients lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss creates these results by approaching your goals with multiple, intersecting weight-loss strategies. In your Quick Start Strategy Session, Dr. Rada’s team will uncover your body’s hidden blocks to losing weight and create a custom plan for you that quick-starts your weight loss fast.

Because your body’s purpose is to be healthy, Dr. Rada’s program helps heal you from the inside out. So not only can you lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off, but many of our clients also experience better energy, fewer muscle aches and pain, and reduced stress levels.

Are you ready for a new kind of weight loss plan that doesn’t require the pain and stress of hyped-up fitness fads, cheap gym memberships, or low-calorie starvation diets? Call our weight loss clinic today and ask to book your complimentary Quick Start Strategy Session and get your custom Fast and Forever Blueprint™ today.

Customized Weight Loss Solution

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss begins with a complimentary Quick Start strategy session, which is a thorough analysis of your health history, body composition, and lifestyle habits. Our team uses this information to build your Fast and Forever Blueprint™ to kickstart your body into fat-burning mode, no matter how busy your lifestyle. We craft your personalized Fast and Forever Blueprint™ to efficiently and painlessly help you get the physical health you are dreaming of, in record time. We make sure you know exactly how to make rapid weight loss a lifestyle, with solutions to help you reach regular and permanent weight loss, and keep it off.

Each of our patients has a different body and a different life, which is why there is no universal one-size-fits-all program that works for everyone. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will help you foster healthy habits that improve your life quickly while allowing you to feel great continually. We’ll help you unlock the body and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Here are some of the customizable ways Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss helps you lose up to one pound of fat per day and keep it off:

Whole Food Diet Strategies

While healthy eating is essential to any healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals, Dr. Rada understands that deciding what to eat or how to fit it into your busy lifestyle shouldn’t be a pain. Whole food eating should be simple and tasty to unlock its most significant results and make your weight loss a lasting health transformation, not a quick-fix diet. Dr. Rada’s team monitors each patient’s progress and makes adjustments as needed to ensure you’re safely, efficiently and regularly hitting the weight loss targets set up in your personalized Fast and Forever Blueprint™

Health From The Inside Out

At Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss, we design to improve your overall health, on your path to losing weight. In your customized Fast and Forever Blueprint™, our team focuses on the health of your body’s three most critical internal weight loss systems: gut health, body alkalinity, and weight loss hormone balancing. When these three health systems are functioning at their best, dramatic weight loss results can be achieved, even without strenuous diets and exercising.

Light Therapy and Body Contouring

Light therapy is an innovative technology that expedites fat loss while improving the look of your skin. Dr. Rada’s weight loss and skin rejuvenation method use LED lights to safely and reliably contour your body. Regular contour light therapy will deflate your fat cells while strengthening your collagen to tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

During the light contouring process, we place LED pads on the affected areas of your skin for just 25 minutes, and many of our clients lose 1-3 inches in their very first session. When used in tandem with the other strategies included in Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss, body contouring LED red light therapy speeds your weight loss goals and reduces body fat in all of your trouble areas. All of this is done without pain, surgery, or downtime and in just 25 minutes.

Long-term Weight Loss Benefits

Best Way To Lose Weight GeneseeYour benefits won’t end with just weight loss. After your initial meeting and the creation of your Fast and Forever Blueprint™, our team will start you on the path to losing weight quickly and permanently, with less stress and more ease. Simple lifestyle habits and healthy eating, plus uncovering your body’s blocks to losing weight, are essential to fast results.

Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will not only help you lose up to one pound of fat per day; often, our patients report less stress, better sleep, more energy, and fewer muscle aches and pains. Some of the ways Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will address your long-term health in addition to weight loss include:

Gut Health – Good gut health leads to an improved immune system, mental health, energy, and better skin conditions. Dr. Rada will help you improve your dietary and lifestyle habits to improve your gut health better to enhance how you feel daily. Dr. Rada’s plan reduces gut irritation and inflammation when you eat so that you can heal your gut, decrease belly bloating, and feel great eating foods you love.

pH Balance – Blood acidity is one of the most overlooked causes of poor weight loss results and disease. Your pH balance is the level of acids versus bases in your blood. The correct ratio of these two factors allows your body to function at its best. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss will introduce you to new supplements and habits to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Hormone Balance – Hormone imbalances affect every aspect of your health, including your mood, weight loss, and appetite. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss helps to support your hormones without risky hormone replacement therapy naturally. Dr. Rada’s plan will help you better manage your sleep, stress, exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle to better balance your hormones.

After uncovering your body’s hidden blocks to weight loss, Dr. Rada’s team offers check-ins and coaching to keep you on track to your weight loss and health goals. We use your Fast and Forever Blueprint™ and make adjustments along the way, to be sure that you are losing the weight, healing your body naturally. We do all of this to ensure you are ultimately keeping the weight off so that Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss plan becomes not just a diet, but a health transformation.

We know you’ll fall in love with our program when you see its fast results. Are you are tired of the same old temporary weight loss solutions, diet after diet, hours in a gym, or starvation eating plans, and you are ready to look great and feel amazing? Call us now and ask to schedule your complimentary Quick Start strategy session. Dr. Rada’s Weight Loss team will quickly have you on the road to uncovering your best you.